Spirit-Filled Life


Jesus’ life on earth was supernatural because His birth was supernatural. Christ is not the only one who was born of the Spirit. He said that we must be born again if we want to enter the kingdom of God. 

We have reduced salvation to escaping hell, but Jesus presented it as entering into the kingdom. The kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy—guess in whom? The Holy Spirit. Salvation is being birthed into the kingdom of God, which is in the Holy Spirit. Salvation is the beginning point of a relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

There are three dimensions to the relationship the Holy Spirit has with us. 

- The Holy Spirit is with us to bring salvation.

- The Holy Spirit is in us to bring sanctification. 

- The Holy Spirit is upon us for service.  

When Jesus spoke to His disciples about the Holy Spirit, He said, "But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you." All that time, as the disciples were with Jesus, they were actually with the Holy Spirit. 

A supernatural life begins with spiritual birth. Our relationship with the Holy Spirit starts when we get saved. 

Let’s pray:

Holy Spirit, thank You for being with me, teach me to develop my relationship with You.