Genesis: The Story of God's Faithfulness



Listen to the audio guide to hear the complete devotional with Scripture, teaching and a worship song! Find a condensed, written version of this devotional below: 

Beginnings are important. At the beginning of a school year, the teacher sets the expectations for the class and workload. At the beginning of a marriage, the couple establishes priorities for their relationship. At the beginning of a sports game, the coaches and athletes strategize and gameplan. Beginnings set the tone for what comes next. They establish what matters. 

The creation account in Genesis 1 is the beginning of the Bible, and it’s important because it establishes key, important points that we need to know about God. These truths have major implications for our lives. Before anything else, Genesis establishes the sovereign nature of God. God is an eternal, all-powerful creator-of-good. And he is also a God who cares deeply about humanity. 

The reality of who God is revealed to be in the creation account means that in our limitations and exhaustions, we can turn to a God who is eternal and never wears out. In our fear, we can turn to a God who is all powerful and controls all things. And in our dismay and discouragement, we can turn to a God who is the creator of all that is good. 

REFLECT: Where in your own life do you tend to doubt God’s power? What do you often turn to instead of turning to him? Confess this to God, and reflect on his nature as the all-powerful creator.