The Meaning(lessness?) of Life

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Day 1: Introduction to The Meaning(lessness?) of Life 

I'm sure most people would agree that the Bible is a book that claims to tell us the meaning of life. 

Many people would be surprised however that in the middle of the Bible, this library of books about the meaning of life, there is a book about the apparent meaninglessness of everyday life 'under the sun'. 

This book is Ecclesiastes, written by the wisest man to have lived (apart from the Lord Jesus Christ): king Solomon of ancient Israel. 

Humanly speaking, Solomon lived a rich and fulfilling life, but his shocking verdict on life? 'Meaningless'! For Solomon, his many and varied experiences were all vanity, they were empty, like the bubbles that a child blows on a breezy day. 

Of course, for many people, meaning in life is something that we have to construct for ourselves. But Solomon warns us: been there, done that, and it's pointless. 

Over the next few days we're going to deconstruct all the things that Solomon tried to find meaning in, before considering his powerful alternative to the empty promises of this world. 

'Lord God Almighty, please help us over the next week or so, as we seek to find meaning in our lives. For Your praise and glory, amen'