Awesome God: Midyear Prayer & Fasting (English)

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Preparing for the Fast: God Is with Us

We started 2021 reflecting on our awesome God, and we will continue to do so in our midyear prayer and fasting. 

When we think of God being great and awesome, His infinite power, knowledge, and presence, as well as His glory and majesty, come to mind. We think of God being infinitely bigger than the universe He created, which He simply spoke into existence. He is transcendent, far above anything in all of creation, whose greatness we cannot fully fathom.

However, God’s awesome greatness is not only demonstrated by how big He is. It is also demonstrated in His ability to humble Himself, come down to our level, and become small like us—even stooping lower to save and serve us.

God demonstrated this in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Word of God, who is Himself by nature God, and by whom God created all things, both visible and invisible. Yet He took human form and became man, with all its limitations. Can we even begin to imagine this? The infinite and limitless God, in His awesome greatness of power and goodness, took on limitations. The immortal one became mortal. The timeless one stepped into time and grew from infancy to adulthood. The self-sustaining one experienced hunger and thirst. The Creator of the universe took on the form of a creature.

God is not just somewhere out there, far above and beyond our minuscule lives. He is a God who has come down to our level and is experientially and intimately acquainted with our human situation—our weaknesses, frustrations, and suffering; our dreams, hopes, and aspirations; the big things and the mundane things in our lives. He is a God who is with us (Matthew 1:23). This is the God we serve.

As we continue plodding through this unprecedented season in the world, let us remember that we are never alone. For the rest of this week, we will know that God is our comforter, guide, and restorer. His love, kindness, and faithfulness know no bounds. Together, may we know and experience how great and awesome our God is—He who chose to make Himself small in order to be with us. 

Because God is with us, we are never alone.


Look back at the past six months. How have you grown in your understanding of God? Amidst all that’s happened, how has He been near to you? 

Read and meditate on Matthew 1:23. Reflect on areas of your life where there seems to be much pain and uncertainty. Imagine God with you and telling you, “I am here with you, My child. You are not alone.” How can His presence and nearness enable you to face these challenges? 


Dear God, thank You for not just being great and awesome in ruling and reigning over the earth. Thank You for also being near me, for sending Your Son to become a man and live among Your creation. May I grow in my understanding and appreciation of Christ’s incarnation. I pray that Your Holy Spirit will guide me, speak to me, and lead me deeper into Your word. Every day and every moment, I believe You are with me. I am not alone. I am never alone. Because of this, I can face every battle ahead, I can boldly proclaim the gospel, and I can advance Your kingdom in this world. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.