5 Prayers to Push You Into Purpose

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Let's Begin:

Here is a compilation of 5 powerful prayers written right from your daily Bible reading. Prayers that are rooted in Scripture are guaranteed to be aligned with the heart of God. 

You can recite them word-for-word to spark your own prayer time and push you into purpose! 

Use a prompt daily to rejuvenate your prayer life, lead you into a deeper prayer time, or establish prayer as a part of your daily routine.  

Today's Prayer:

Dear God,

Order my steps so I will not be sidetracked by my own personal ambitions. Cover me with your grace, and give me your strength so that I can accomplish in my generation what you have gifted me to do.


Journal Prompt:

God has gifted me with the ability to __________. I can use that ability in my _____________ to ____________.