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Not Everything Should Be Worshiped

We all worship something, but not every “something” should be worshiped.

Have you ever really paid attention to sports fans at a game? They come dressed head to toe in paint and weird clothing. They’re yelling and screaming their heads off, booing and cheering. Occasionally, some people even get into physical fights and brawls over their teams. Some people have even gotten killed … over a game that honestly has no major significance in their lives.

Or, how about pop concerts? All these girls crying and screaming with arms stretched out reaching for that celebrity. Some of them even faint and pass out. Seriously! Tears are running down their faces and they’re like blowing snot bubbles out of their noses—definitely some ugly criers in those crowds.

Why are people so ridiculously obsessed with those things so much that they have physical, bodily responses to them? It’s because they worship them.

Here’s why: as humans, we are worshipers! Every single one of us worships. We can’t help it. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s how we were made.

What you spend the most time thinking about, doing, or giving the majority of your attention to is what you worship most.

What do you worship?