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First Priority EPIC Story of ExileSample

First Priority EPIC Story of Exile

DAY 1 OF 28


Welcome to First Priority. Each month we go through a four week strategy called EPIC. This month's topic is the Story of Exile. Today is Equip Week where we are having conversations about our faith.


Invite God into the room.


Watch the video together.


Read the Bible verses together. 


1. What are some doors that have been opened for you recently?

2. Was there a time that you had a difficult choice to make?

Is there someone you can think of who is struggling right now that you could be welcoming to?

3. If you feel comfortable, share a trial or challange happening in your life right now. Would you mind if everyone prays for you about it? 

4. As leaders, how can you look for those who feel like outcasts and invite them to join you for a meal or coffee?


Ask if anyone has prayer requests and then pray for the group.


About this Plan

First Priority EPIC Story of Exile

Welcome to the First Priority EPIC Story of Exile plan! This plan is designed to help you have conversations about your faith, along with personal spiritual prompts to grow in your relationship with God.

We would like to thank First Priority for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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