Three Questions for Wives

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Is he your best friend?

I talk to a lot of women who really want their marriage to be better but just do not know what to do. We’re created so differently as men and women that it can sometimes be really difficult to see eye to eye. So, over the next few days, I’ll ask three questions that I believe will get you on the right track.

We’ll start off with this question: “Is your husband your best friend?” Our husbands crave our companionship. They not only want us to spend time with them but to enjoy the time we spend with them! Your husband wants to be your first choice. Think of ways that you can spend time together that you both enjoy, but also consider trying something new that he enjoys. Your good-hearted effort may mean a lot to him. And you may find something new that you like too!

A couple of ideas:

Ask your husband to think of a few ways he would enjoy spending time together.

Think of some easy ways to spend time together. Activities are often more engaging for guys than just sitting and talking. For example; turn a routine errand into a mini-date, try watching a sport he enjoys, or just go for a walk together.

Ask good questions and allow him time to respond. Listen well. Free yourself from any pressure that you need to have a deep conversation all the time. 

Next to God, think of him first. Pray for him. Let him know how much he means to you.

Surprise him with a “thinking of you” text, an encouraging note, or a little flirting. 

That’s it. Try making him your best friend for the next 30 days, and your marriage will be on the way to becoming awesome!

Today’s Challenge:

Our husbands want companionship in marriage. What can you do this week to show that you want to be his true companion?

Going Deeper:

1. What is one thing you can do to have a better friendship with your husband?

2. Sit down with him this week and ask him for some ways he would like you to spend time with him.

3. Pray and ask God to help you to be best friends with your husband. Make a commitment to pray for him every day this week.