Battle Cry


I know numerous men who still to this day believe their sons should never see them cry or be afraid of anything. This dangerous ideology has produced not only generations of men imprisoned by their emotions but also early graves. With most men unable to express their emotions in healthy ways, the result we’re seeing now is depression, divorce, high-risk behaviors, broken families, and violence. Futures erased. Wounded hearts. Despair. 

There is freedom when you allow yourself to feel fear or any emotion that’s not considered traditionally masculine. The problem is, we become imprisoned when we succumb to thoughts that keep us from resolutely walking in our purpose. As a man thinks about himself, so he will be (Prov. 23:7), and it isn’t until we actively engage our emotions that we will be able to release negative thoughts before they become toxic actions. . . .

Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that men were created to be aggressive and violent, but the truth is that most of us were programmed to process and release our emotional pain in destructive ways. Imagine how many good men would still be living today if they had taken a moment to feel and acknowledge their emotions, instead of dismissing them until they lost control.


Father, please renew my mind… free me from my toxic thoughts. Gracefully teach me how to feel and process all my negative emotions in a healthy way. Please increase my faith so I can experience the life You have predestined for me to live. In the name of Yahushua (Jesus) I pray, amen.