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The Hoodie Dads Get Real About RacismSample

The Hoodie Dads Get Real About Racism

DAY 2 OF 3

Who Are They? 

Proverbs 4:7b (TPT) says, “Revelation knowledge is what you need—so invest in it.” 

Revelation is a powerful word. The definition of revelation is “a surprising and previously unknown fact.” That “previously unknown” piece is pivotal. 

We have a responsibility to actively seek to learn and understand others. The responsibility of understanding other people doesn’t fall on one race — no ethnicity or culture is exempt from this task. We all must continually seek revelation about others and their experiences if we want to end racial injustice.  

Limiting your life to only one perspective keeps your life small. When you expand your circle of friends to include more diversity, there’s a good chance you’ll also find more revelation knowledge, beauty, and fulfillment. 

Consider the ministry of Jesus — our account of the gospel doesn’t come from one person. It comes from four different people (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) who are telling the same story but from different perspectives. Having so many points of view telling the story of the gospel brings a rich fullness and clarity to who Jesus was. 

Genesis 1:27 says we are made in God’s image. It doesn’t say God made one specific race in His image. Every single human on this planet was made in the image of God, and if you believe God’s Word to be true, then you can’t accept or tolerate any prejudices or injustices — whether those sins live in your heart or the hallways of your school. Racial discrimination is in direct contradiction to God’s truth. 

Can you start a conversation this week with someone who doesn’t look like you, with the goal of listening to their perspective and maybe even their pain? Ask God to give you revelation knowledge in your conversation so empathy can replace any indifference or injustice living in your heart. 

Take time today to read the scriptures listed above, and think about where you need to seek revelation knowledge and who in your life needs your empathy and understanding. 

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The Hoodie Dads Get Real About Racism

Conversations surrounding racial tensions and injustices raise the sensitivity level of everyone involved and often leave many feelings hurt rather than heard. But what does God’s Word teach us about this topic? Join the...


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