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A Dormant Dream is Not a Dead Dream

Do you remember the dreams you had as a kid? As followers of Jesus, standing in a dream requires going through some storms. Miracles will happen but often not without first going through the fire. We need to understand how to navigate the valleys and battles that come with dreams. There will be challenges that we will all face in our lives, but we don’t need to be surprised and filled with fear. 

There’s something very empowering and liberating in understanding that whatever God lets you go through, He gives you the ability to get through. His grace is always sufficient, which means it’s superabounding and greater than whatever you’re facing in your life! 

When you are in a season of weeping, you can’t see or sense what God is doing. But take courage: A time will come when God will reveal what He has been up to all along! Sometimes a dream doesn’t come about after a few days. In fact, it rarely does. Sometimes not weeks, sometimes not months. Sometimes it will take years, even decades. 

Be encouraged that whatever storm or valley you may currently be facing, a good dream may come true, but a God-dream must come true! The dream in you is not just for you. The dream for your business, your career, your family, your ministry—they are dreams that won’t just bless you but will outlive you and bless the generations ahead of you. 

When the God of More gives you a dream, it must come true. You may think that the dream is dead. But it’s not—it’s dormant. Often, it feels like God takes a long time to do something suddenly. Be encouraged: your “suddenly” is on its way! Don’t give up, don’t quit. Turn to Jesus and let Him bring you through all the storms to what He’s promised you will come to pass. The time will surely come!