Knowing & Loving the Trinity


Prayer: God, I pray that you fill us with an awareness of your Spirit within us and show us how you are working. We pray for your Spirit to comfort us, teach us, and fill us with your love and peace. Thank you for drawing near to us and making yourself available to us through your Spirit. 

Knowing and Loving the Spirit 

The third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, might be the most forgotten person of God among many believers. As followers of Jesus, it can be easy to minimize the power of the God who dwells within you. The world today can allow yourself to be consumed by your own role in the Christian life. It can be easy to believe the lie that the Holy Spirit, who lives in us, is just some abstract and divine power with no emotions or personality. 

This is far from the truth, however, as scripture shows beautiful and comforting truths about the person of God who lives within all believers! The Holy Spirit has a personality, feels emotions, speaks, teaches, comforts, and is constantly working within you. He is not a being that is far from you, but in reality, the fullness of his power and love dwells within you. The same infinite God who rose from the dead, created the universe, parted the Red Sea, calmed the storm, walked on water, and healed the sick dwells inside of every believer! 

You should live as if you believe that truth and draw near to the miracle working God today, as he has already drawn near to you. Speak to the Holy Spirit today, listen to him, and meditate on the reality of his presence and what that means for you now. 

Look in the Word:

  1. Read Romans 8:26. What does this show you about the personality of the Holy Spirit? 

  2. Read Ephesians 4:30. What do we learn about the emotions of the Holy Spirit in this verse? 

  3. Read 1 Corinthians 6:19. How does this change your perspective of the nearness of God to us? 

What’s Next? 

  1. Take some time to remember and write down as many miracles that God has done as you can (use your Bible if you would like). After you have your list, ask yourself what it means for the same God who did these things to dwell inside of us. 

  2. Thank the Holy Spirit for what he has already done in your life and pray new and big prayers of asking him to sanctify you more and more.