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Checking in With Michelle Williams, a 5-Day DevotionalSample

Checking in With Michelle Williams, a 5-Day Devotional

DAY 1 OF 5

The process of how we were dreamed up and planned for and loved on and created by God surpasses our ability to understand. So when we fail to see the beauty, the perfection, the completeness of his creation—us—what are we communicating to God? What are we communicating about God? Basically, we’re saying we know better and can do more than God can.

I mean, I know that we know that’s not true. Otherwise, God wouldn’t be God. But we aren’t living like that’s true.

We need to pay attention to how we’re defining who we are. Because we’re defined by our maker. . . .

If who I am is based on what other people say? I have no chance.

If who I am is based on the negative thoughts I have about myself? I have no hope.

If who I am is based on who made me . . . I am his.

The only label I’ve got that matters is God’s. God’s creation. God’s work. God’s child.

Our value as people has nothing to do with what we do, say, or accomplish. Our value comes from the One who made us: God. And when we can begin basing our identity on that fact, we can begin to live more honest, meaningful, and joy-filled lives.

So I’ve gotten in the habit of this—of opening my phone’s notepad and writing down anything I’m feeling is true about myself. Good and bad. All the labels I’m wearing. I know this sounds ridiculous, but you have to check in with your own thoughts. You may not even be aware of your own feelings.

Who am I right now? Who do others say I am? Who do I say I am?

This is the ground floor of how I check in with myself. I have to start here. Because until you really know who you think you are, you can’t begin to check in with yourself on a real level.


Lord, please help me to see myself as your child. Please help me to know who you have created me to be, and please show me your truth. Amen.

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Checking in With Michelle Williams, a 5-Day Devotional

Checking In reminds you that you are not alone and that God has not yet finished writing your story. This 5-Day Devotional will inspire you to reject the lies of anxiety and depression and replace them with the truth of ...


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