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Spiritual Intimacy as CouplesSample

Spiritual Intimacy as Couples

DAY 1 OF 9

Pursuing Spiritual Intimacy

We, Chuck and Ashley, are thrilled to introduce you to some of our friends who a pursuing spiritual intimacy in their marriages. Their stories are filled with adventure but also include bumps, challenges, and insecurities. Listen in as they share about their journey toward spiritual connection; they’ll unpack how they’ve grown and tell where they hope to be in the next few months. At the end, we’ll share about our journey as well. We pray that you feel encouraged and inspired, knowing that you’re not alone in your pursuit of our amazing God. We also pray that God reveals “great and hidden things” to you as a couple.

Each day, there will be reflection questions. If you’re reading along with your partner, take time to discuss your thoughts with one another.


In what ways do you want to deepen your spiritual intimacy with your partner?

How do you want to grow spiritually as an individual?

Day 2

About this Plan

Spiritual Intimacy as Couples

In this reading plan, we have invited several married couples to share about their journey developing spiritual intimacy. Participants will learn some of the practical barriers that prevent couples from connecting spirit...


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