Overcoming Fear & Anxiety

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 Learn From Scripture.

When we find ourselves in the midst of circumstances that feel disappointing, confusing, or traumatic, fear and anxiety often come and try to take over, building walls around us that make us feel trapped and alone in our situation. The truth is, we aren’t alone and we have people who have gone before us in scripture who help tear down those walls and pave the way out.

First, we meet Joseph in the book of Genesis. In spite of his honest character, he was thrown into a pit, sold into slavery, and later, ended up in prison. Joseph’s life creates a perfect picture of ‘when bad things happen to good people’ and puts him in a position to be justifiably frustrated, anxious, and afraid, but we’re told the Lord was with him. After many hardships, we see Joseph in prison – working. Regardless of his circumstances, he continues to steward well what is put in front of him. When he is released, he ends up being elevated to an even higher position and given more responsibilities than before he was put in prison.

Next, we meet Jonah. In an attempt to disobey the Lord and run in the exact opposite direction from where God had commanded him to go, Jonah is thrown overboard from the ship he was on, only to be swallowed by a fish. By the grace of God, he was kept in the belly of the fish until he repented and turned back to the Lord. After experiencing potentially the most disgusting circumstances that ultimately changed his heart, the fish vomited Jonah onto dry land and he went on to do what the Lord had commanded.

Lastly, we meet Paul and Silas. They were doing the work of the Lord when they were persecuted and put in prison. In the middle of the night, they began to sing and praise God loud enough for the other prisoners to hear. Their worship caused the foundations to shake, prison doors to open, and everyone’s chains to fall, not just their own. When it was day, they were officially released.

Regardless of how you came to the place you’re in, consider how you might move forward today. Is there work to be done? Is there something God has been tugging at your heart to do? Perhaps you need to let out a shout of praise! Whatever it is, take the next step and trust that the Lord is with you.