He Bled Out!



The book of Hebrews is one of the New Testament’s most well-written, poetic, profound, and prolific manuscripts. The name “Hebrews” informs us that God is not colorblind and not oblivious to culture. In it, the Holy Spirit bears witness that the blood of Jesus was shed for all humanity. Thus, God intended the differences in people; He did not make a mistake.  

Well-meaning Christians usually justify their feelings about cultural differences by saying they are colorblind. However, you don’t need to excuse differences in people when differences are not an issue; you don’t need to look over someone’s color. Instead, appreciate the differences in people, their ethnicity, and what they bring to the table. God did not create us in our uniqueness for us to look over each other. Each one of us is fearfully and wonderfully made. God created us all. 

The Bible takes the time to address Christ through different cultural contexts, which suggests that God is not ashamed of our diversity. He celebrates our diversity, calls us to unity, and affirms our individuality, encouraging us to connect with those who are quite different than ourselves. That is the power of love and the mystery of our faith. The enigmatic human experience tells us we can be diverse but still unified. 

Unity is difficult to achieve. The enemy does all he can to fight it. He knows that wherever there is unity, God will come in the middle of it. The events of the day of Pentecost could not take place until the people were in one place in solidarity. The devil hates unity, but God loves unity, because unity causes great things to happen. 

If you look back over your life, you will discover that the enemy has fought you more on unity than anything else. Whether it is with your spouse, your children, a family member, or a friend, the devil abhors unity. He knows that when at least two touch and agree, things happen; yokes are destroyed, chains fall off, cancer shrinks, tumors dry up, diseases disappear. Whenever people connect, whenever people come into agreement — whether it is two or 2,000 — something great is bound to come out of it! God meets us when we can appreciate diversity and unite.