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A Damsel's DiarySample

A Damsel's Diary

DAY 1 OF 5

Growing up, I remember people telling me that I would be a doctor, a lawyer, a counselor, a singer, an engineer…If the career had a lot of money in it, my name was added to that list.  I remember struggling in my teenage years.  I wanted to know who I was.  I wanted to know what God called me to do on earth.  I tried to find purpose in everything.  I desperately wanted to know what my purpose was. I needed to know where I needed to be. 

I just needed that answer. But the crazy thing is I was going to the wrong source.  I was asking everyone around me except for the most important Person. The Person (who is the Father) had the answers to all the questions that I could imagine.  I asked my parents; I asked friends, I asked family members, I asked teachers.  Anyone who would dare to allow me to ask a question, I ran to them seeking answers.  Did they answer me, sure! But were they sure? Hmmm, I can’t answer that question now, can I?!

You see, we are always searching for answers to questions in the wrong places. How can the clay ask another clay the reason for its existence? 

How can the other clay know? The truth is the other clay does not know.  It can only speculate.  The only one who has the correct answer for the clay is the Potter!

The Potter created the clay.  The Potter imagined how it would look, its function, its purpose, and its entire existence.  So, who is the Potter, and who is the clay?

But now, O LORD,

You are our Father;

We are the clay, and You, our Potter;

And all we are the work of Your hand. (Isaiah 64:8).

Jesus knew who the Potter was, and He went to the Potter for every question that crossed His mind.  When He was happy, He went to the Father, when He was hurting, He went to the Father when He was perplexed, He ran to the Father.  In the Father, He found purpose, direction, clarity, and answers to every question that He could ever imagine. Because of His trust, He could stand with confidence and say, “I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also because for this purpose I have been sent.”

So, I want to ask you today?  Have you found your purpose?  It is not too late.  Stop running to the clay and run to the Potter. He has all the answers you could ever want.


Spirit of the living God,

I bring my life back into Your hands.

In Your hands, there is purpose!

In Your hands, I find my purpose!

I have all the answers I need to every question that I can ever imagine in Your hands.

Take my life and let it be as You have designed it to be.

Thank you, Father.


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A Damsel's Diary

Without God, we chase after purpose with no direction. We experiment until when we think we have found our thing. Life was never designed to be complicated. We can walk in purpose when we walk with God. We can find di...


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