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How to Pray & What to Pray for – What the Bible SaysSample

How to Pray & What to Pray for – What the Bible Says

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As a Christian, people expect more from you. To make the right choices, to model the good life and show that you are a follower of Jesus. 

God wants to guide you in all that you do, and to bless you. So, it’s right for you to come before Him in prayer, with any and every request. Prayer is foundational to a relationship with God, and a relationship is what God values – even more than any success you may achieve in your life!

Of course, coming to God in prayer is the premier way to seek His help. And, although coming to God with requests for help is right, doing only that misses the relationship-building that God so greatly desires. So prayer needs to be more than just asking for help.

In these readings, we provide guidance for your prayers, outlining a 4-part structure to make them more effective for you, and more pleasing to God. Prayer is your private two-way communication channel with God, and needs to be right for both of you.

In addition to a suggestion for structure, we also offer insight into what to pray for, and when to pray. Lastly, we check in with Jesus to see how the Lord’s Prayer applies to your life today as well, and how to use that as a good starting point for renewed prayer effort.

All through the readings, we draw on teachings and examples from the Bible, knowing that God’s Word has much to say to us, even today.

Let’s close this first reading by looking at some great examples from the Bible, checking what we might learn from their prayers:

Starting with David, who fell majorly short in his lustful affair and murderous cover-up, God still responded to his many psalms and prayers with blessing for entire the nation of Israel. (2 Samuel 11, 2 Samuel 22)

Then, David’s son Solomon became the wealthiest king ever, because he asked God for wisdom in ruling God’s people, and not for wealth, career success or even long life. (2 Chronicles 1)

Or remember Daniel? Captured by the Babylonians and placed in their management training program, he prayed three times a day, all the way up to his Chief Operating Officer position over the entire land. (Daniel 6)

And what about Nehemiah? Working as a poison tester (wine taster) for a foreign king, his prayer before requesting release to go rebuild Jerusalem is a classic for the ages. (Nehemiah 1)

The list is much longer, but let’s close with Jesus, who prayed that God’s will be done, even though He was God’s son and it would cost His life. (Matthew 26:36-39)

Does prayer have a prominent place in your life? Of course it should! Against this background of God-fearing people who gone before us, let’s review a structure to make your prayers as effective as possible… 

Reflection / Application  

  1. Is prayer as a valuable tool in your life’s toolkit? How often do you use it?  

  2. When you pray, is it more about building relationship with God or laying your requests before Him? Which is more important? Why?  

  3. “In prayer, God wants to lead you.” Is that true, and why would we say that?

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How to Pray & What to Pray for – What the Bible Says

As Christians, we have a special tool in their box of resources called PRAYER. In these readings, we show you how to pray, provide a 4-part structure to effective prayer, and give specific insights on what to pray for an...


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