5 Steps to Know God’s Will - What the Bible Says

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As an adult, you make decisions and plan what’s next in your life, each and every day. It’s just normal; we all do that. As a Christian, however, you may sometimes pause and think: what does God want?

You may regularly read the Bible, pray and meet with other Christians, but even so knowing God’s will for certain is often difficult. Besides, it takes extra time and doesn’t always come with an answer as you hope – and certainly not always within the time window you want.

So, seeking God and His will is easier to relegate to Sunday worship and church activities. You likely spend most of your waking hours at work (or school), and even if you could figure out God’s will for that area of your life, how would you fit that in?

If you’re like most Christians, you look to God for the big things, the decisions with longer-term impact, and take care of the day-to-day issues yourself. A nice balance between “living life” and “waiting on the Lord”… Besides, God already equipped you for your daily activities, and so, as long as you stay in touch at the higher, directional level, everything’s good, right?

Not quite.

God actually wants to be involved in all aspects of your life, and yes, this includes your work (or school).  Not in a way of telling you exactly what to do, but in a way that pervades all you do so that His touch and His presence impacts every decision and every action – each and every day, all day long.

Walking in relationship with God. Making a difference in all that you do. Helping build His Kingdom, one day at a time. All nice words, but the question remains: 

How do you know God’s will?

God wants to help you with all of these, but even more, God wants you to draw close to Him, seeking His wisdom, insight and guidance. But how to do that?

This set of readings seeks to distill the key teachings of the Bible into a practical 5-step process to help you discern God’s will. 

Of course, your walk with God is much more than a 5-step process, but, even so, these simple steps can help bring clarity when it otherwise seems unclear.

May you be blessed as you discover His will!

Reflection / Application   

  1. Is there a difference in how you seek God’s will for your daily life as opposed to your longer-term plans or bigger decisions?  Why would that be?   

  2. Reflect on the last time you searched for and found God’s will to an issue that you faced. How did you find God’s will then? What happened?   

  3. Do you think God wants to be more involved in your work? In what area would that make sense, and why?