Stay at Home Dad (Or Mom): Find Yourself Again

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Day 1: Find Yourself Again

Do you feel like the days are a blur? One day melding into another… an endless stream of diapers and late-night feedings…

The attention needs of a new baby or small child can swallow up who you are. It can easily lead to depression. You’ve traded in your executive office for a milk-stained sweatshirt and you’re wondering what did I do??

More than any job or career, a child is the benchmark of how we walk out our Christianity. It’s a divine opportunity to produce a disciple of Christ – one who loves God and lives to advance his kingdom and goodness in the earth.

Carve out a few minutes each day to spend time with God and his word. Seek him – and you’ll find yourself again. Put him first – and he’ll give you the grace, strength and wisdom to prioritize all of life while doing the important work of raising your child in the Lord.

Actionable Insight: Cultivate atmosphere

What type of atmosphere do you want in your home? Make a determination - and then cultivate it! Music, movies, books, activities, friends - make sure they are helping move you toward what you envision your household to look like and don't be afraid to clear out what is opposing or just not helping.