My Royal Journey

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Saying yes to Jesus is truly the greatest decision of your life! We applaud you for finding the courage to embrace a new and better way of life. Now that you have surrendered your life to Christ, you may well ask, what did I just say yes to? There is so much you are yet to learn and experience, you will not get it all at once, and neither are you meant to. This is a journey, and every day is a brand-new opportunity to grow as you look to Christ.  

In embracing Christianity, you have embraced the Godhead, The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit. They are three in one yet unique and they are actively pursuing you as demonstrated on the cross. The Father sent His Son Jesus into the world, born of the virgin Mary, lived as a man, and died a cruel death upon the cross with one goal in mind; you! Through the shedding of Jesus’s blood, you now have direct access to the Father for salvation and eternal life. 

As Jesus ascended the earth He sent us the Holy Spirit. He is described as a comforter, one who abides within and walks with us daily. He is closer than close and desires to love and lead you. His plan is to prosper you and give you a good future. He truly is the most wonderful person you will ever know. 

The purpose of this journey is progress, not perfection. So, breathe easy, knowing that your life rests safely in the palms of His hands and this Royal Journey is one we walk out over a lifetime. You’ve made many decisions in your life but none that compare to this. 

So, let the journey begin! 


Lord, I thank you today for the free gift of salvation and the promise of eternal life with you. I commit this journey to you and thank you for your goodness, your love, and your mercy. I know I am not alone and trust that you are with me always, from now and until the very end. Amen.