SoulSister: Renewing Your Soul With the Word of God


Finding Rest

A soul resting in God says, “I don’t need to know the details, I just need to trust in God.” Trust that at the right time, God will make things clear in His timing. He may not answer all the what’s, why’s, and how’s in our timing, but He will eventually make it clear. The only way to find rest for your soul is by entering a spiritual rest. The only way to enter a spiritual rest is by trusting in God. Our soul is where the spiritual battles are taking place. There is a constant pulling of thoughts, emotions, and wills. When we trust, pray, and wait on God, we will find rest for our soul. 

He will lead, guide, and never leave or forsake us because that’s what He promised us (Deuteronomy 31:6). All the noise, all the thoughts and emotions will come under submission of the supernatural peace of God, which is found in His rest. If you’re seeking direction, rest in Him. 

You can’t hear God and wait on Him if you’re consumed with all your thoughts and your busyness. The world says work, worry, and wonder, but the spirit of a SoulSister says wait, worship, and watch.

Think About It

1. Think about a time where you went from work, worry, and wonder to wait, worship, and watch.

2. What are some ways that you can command your soul to rest?