Kingdom Come



God, open my eyes today to see myself as you see me. 


Our identity is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. That story is shaped throughout our lives by our significant relationships and experiences. It’s a lens through which we view the world. Often, we are not aware of it, yet it guides many of our decisions and informs our reactions to people and circumstances.

For example, if at some point in your past you internalized the message that you are unlovable, you might be prone to see rejection all around you. Or, if your story says you are only valuable when you are successful, then you might view life as a competition, swinging between emotional highs and lows based on your latest performance.

These stories, or narratives, are incredibly powerful and can shape much of our lives. God knows this about us. One of the primary ways he brings change is by replacing our old story with a new one. 

In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul begins by describing a new narrative that defines what is true about followers of Jesus. He outlines a new way to see themselves—the way God sees them. Paul walks them through what God has done for them. He helps them understand what is now true of them because of what God has done. And all these things are true of us too. They are true regardless of whether they feel true. They are true even if you have done nothing to earn them. They are true simply because God has said so.


Take some time to make a list of all the things this passage says are true of you as a follower of Jesus. Don’t rush through, but go slowly enough to digest what is written. What are one or two truths you are drawn to? What truths do you want to sink in deeper? Write these on a sticky note or index card and put it somewhere you can see it to be reminded daily.