Called 2 Love: A Journey Into Marriage Intimacy

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The Issue Is Not the Only Issue!

Stuff happens in life. That’s a guarantee. Jesus even told us that we would experience trouble in this life (John 16:33). Life events, whether positive or painful, must always be viewed through the lens of God’s desire to bring forth good. This means we can experience the goodness God wants for us and deepened intimacy with our partner, no matter what the challenge.

Experiencing difficult moments with your spouse, can actually draw you closer together. As your inadequacies are exposed and God’s love is shared, sweetness of intimacy is the result. Trying to fix a problem you’re facing together is not nearly as important as coming to know what your partner really needs.

Think about how exposed fears, anxieties, and inadequacies can set the stage for exploring what is really needed in your marriage.

Reflect on some of your life’s challenges and how they ultimately brought positive impact to your marriage. Perhaps, you’ve experienced a financial or health challenge, a difficult pregnancy, or death of a loved one. You could have gone through a career setback, a child’s trauma, or a shattered dream, but through it all you were drawn closer together. Now share your grateful heart with Jesus, the author of marriage.

Jesus, as I recall us going through the challenge of __________________________________ , I celebrate the good things you did for us. Our marriage grew stronger because we . . .

Ask the Lord to give you wisdom and deepened love as you walk through future challenges.

Jesus, no matter what challenges we may face, teach me how to love __________________ well. I know I will especially need your help and wisdom in . . .

Read James 1:5 and claim its promise.