Night Before DAWN

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Night 1

Night is a special time of day.

Not its active part, but the time when we move from all our meetings, conversations, and business – to sleep. We try to fill this time with positivity; we pray, we think of the day that has come to its end, we dream of the next one, we meditate on eternity.

The first day of this plan, starting on the Monday night before Easter, is called “Remember Yesterday”.

Something similar happened to the disciples who were so excited after Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.

Maybe they were recalling Jesus’ bold words about the stones that would cry out. Maybe they were thinking about the man who let them take his donkey without any hope to get it back. Most likely, the disciples were smiling while they replayed in their minds the picture of the people who were spreading their cloaks and branches from the trees at Jesus' feet. For the first time in three years, they felt like they were finally on the top of the world, being close to the One who did not seek to stay on the top. 

That was then. But what is happening today? There are only memories left. Nothing changed. They didn’t have an understanding of who Jesus really was. Why did He come? Why is He crying for Jerusalem, while everybody around rejoices?

To keep on living in yesterday, the past, is a “Monday night” choice, the toughest day of the week. Yesterday was better than today.

Unfortunately, lots of people live their lives like it's “Monday night”.

It’s a hard day. Only memories of the past keep us warm during our cold daily routine.

Stop living in yesterday.

It is the night. The night to glimpse into the future. Easter is close!