Learning To Lead Like Jesus

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Leaders Follow Jesus

If you want to learn how to be a leader, then the best place to begin is by learning from the greatest leader—Jesus. Jesus was a servant leader. He had great communication skills, He valued people, and He equipped His team to do their best work. These are all skills great leaders must develop not only for themselves, but also for the people they lead. This post explains how you can become a better leader by learning from Jesus.

"Follow the Greatest Leader" by John C. Maxwell

Pray: Jesus, I want to be the kind of leader who can inspire people to do their best work. Show me what skills You need me to develop to become a leader like You.

Reflect: What or who is my guide for learning about leadership?

Respond: Study the Gospels and pay special attention to how Jesus led people.

Jesus is the best example of a truly perfect leader. We can learn a lot about leading with a godly perspective when we study His life. In just three short years, He equipped His team to do the important work of developing the Christian church, and because of them, the church thrives. Jesus was the kind of leader that people were eager to follow, which is a quality all leaders should aspire to have. In fact, find out how you can also be a leader people actually want to follow in the next post.

The content for this post was adapted from: "Follow the Greatest Leader" by John C. Maxwell / The John Maxwell Co.