Kill the Noise

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Punk Rock Jesus

Whitewashed tombs. That’s what Jesus said. And it wasn’t in a whisper behind their backs; He said it right to their faces. 

The Pharisees were the religious leaders of Jesus’ time. They had expensive robes and high positions. People respected them, bowing to them and letting them go to the front of every line. The Pharisees loved it. They demanded honor and obedience. They loved being first in society and getting rock star treatment.

Then this traveling preacher came to town with a motley crew of filthy fishermen following behind Him. Rather than showing the respect the religious royalty felt they deserved, the plainclothes Son of God shook them up. He called them “Hypocrites”. He said they were whitewashed tombs – all clean and put together on the outside, but dead and stinking like rot on the inside. He called them blind guides and fools. Just picture that scene. That’s as hard-core as it got back then. Imagine hearing that said to your face. 

This was Punk Rock Jesus in action. Thoroughly anti-establishment. Speaking truth, no matter who it upset or what it would eventually cost Him.

What made Jesus so angry was that these supposed religious leaders were keeping the people in spiritual bondage. People learned about God through watching and listening to these supposed godly leaders, but the Pharisees were showing them a false god. In these men, there was no love, no mercy, no grace, no forgiveness. Their teaching was all about law and rules and an angry God who just couldn’t wait to punish anyone who screwed up. So, that’s who people thought God was. Doesn’t sound too attractive, does it?

Jesus came along and said, “Don’t listen to these blind fools. God is full of forgiveness and mercy and grace. He wants a relationship with you, not because you have it all together like these guys supposedly do, but because you don’t. God knows you don’t. He is not looking for the healthy, but for the sick. He wants the people who don’t have it all figured out.” Punk Rock Jesus was the exact opposite of the established party line.

So, if you’re wondering why Jesus wouldn’t want a relationship with someone as cool as you are, then bring it down a notch. You’re thinking like a Pharisee, and you know what Jesus said about them. But if you’re wondering how God could ever love a sinner like you, then you are exactly the kind of person that He’s looking for. Ask for forgiveness and give your life to Him now. He’s waiting for you. He’s ready to pour His Spirit into your life to give you hope and peace. Follow Him, and you will find purpose and a life that truly matters.

Fully Committed means looking to the Bible for your identity. It means living a life of humility, love, and sacrifice. It’s not about religion. It’s not about becoming a cookie-cutter Christian. It’s not about how you look or what music you listen to or what denomination your church is. It’s about turning your back on what the world tells you to do and what religion tells you to do and living your life by one standard: what the Word of God tells you to do. Read your Bible, study your Bible, learn your Bible. Let the Holy Spirit use God’s perfect book to show you the person that He wants you to be.