Make That Break That

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We must learn to appreciate the potential that is inherent in our habitual nature. We must learn to fear that potential as well, because the tree that leans as it grows will find it increasingly difficult to change its slant as the years pass by. The farther that tree leans, the more susceptible it will become to the wind and the rain. It is a fact that it is easier to help a tree grow straight than it is to straighten a crooked tree once it has grown, and it is easier to develop a new habit than it is to break an old one that is deeply rooted in one’s life. 

Since your habits will make or break you, the choice is up to you. They will give you an edge in life by equipping you to do great things with limited effort, or they will inhibit your life by weighing you down with burdens you weren’t designed to carry and sorrows you weren’t created to bear. If you want your habits to serve you instead of control you, you must develop some healthy habits in your life, habits that can produce good things for you now and great things for you in the future. You must learn to break the power of those unwanted habits that limit your life and bring you pain. In the pages that follow, I will show you how to do both. 

Perhaps, most importantly, you must learn to differentiate between a good habit and a bad one. Habits are a lot like seeds. They may not produce their harvest overnight, but in due season they will definitely yield the crop they are preprogrammed to yield. A good habit will eventually produce a good harvest in your life, but a bad habit will produce a harvest of failure and death. 

So, learn to appreciate the power of a habit before you back the truck up to the driveway and pour the cement, because once the concrete dries and the wooden forms are removed, you can be stuck with what you’ve got for a long, long time. And what you’ve got is a habit.