Faith That Reaches the Lost | a 7-Day Doxa Deo Plan

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My Testimony


Many Christians are unsure about how to approach people and talk about Jesus.  But beginning to share your faith, is as simple as starting a conversation.  In the Gospel of John, Jesus starts by speaking to a woman from Samaria, but eventually the whole village came out to hear Him speak.  In this story, we find a very simple model of how Jesus interacted with people, and following these principles, we can be empowered to do the same.

1. Find a point of contact (John 4:7)

2. Share your story (John 4:26)

  • What did your life you look like without Jesus?

  • How did you get to know Jesus?

  • What changed in your life?

3. Create a moment for their response. (John 4:15)

We know that not everyone will respond immediately to our conversation regarding the Gospel, but we are to continue to sow the seed.  (Luke 13 & 1 Corinthians 3:6)

Find and be found in faith in Christ.

Think of someone you know with whom you need to start a conversation.

What is your point of contact?