The Bridge


Fear is the greatest thief that resides in our minds. “Fear doesn’t stop death, it stops life,” said Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a pioneer in near-death studies. If you allow it, fear will steal your dreams and your future, and will make you doubt you can ever achieve everything that you desire. It will lead you to think that what others may say is far more important than where you aim. 

However, God created you to dream. He created you to imagine. He has the best future in mind for you. Most of all, don’t worry about what others say because they are not part of your story, and they will be amazed to see you reach the glory. 

I am certain the best weapon a person can carry is courage: the courage to pursue the life they desire and to realize the dreams they imagine. Fear of failure, of missing the mark, the shame of what others could say, can take hold of our minds. I’ve found that what the heart wants scares the mind.

Fear can lead us to failure before we even step out, but courage can lead us to victory if we step in. We just need to advance. May our courage to step out toward a new future be greater than the voices that tie us to the same past! 

I think that what we call a comfort zone is nothing more than the limits of our courage. Therefore, if we never dare cross the frontiers of the things we fear, how will we ever cross the bridge to the other side where our happiness resides? With the virtue of strategy we can draw the path toward victory. While strategy does not bury fear, it does multiply courage.