The Discovery: Exploring God’s Call On Your Life

“The Call: How do I stay focused?”

As you pursue your calling, there will be times that you are keenly aware of His activity in your life and other times that you feel like you’ve lost your spiritual electricity, so to speak. When this happens, don’t worry! It’s normal. Human beings weren’t designed to sprint indefinitely, after all. During those times of waning emotion and energy, don’t rely on how you feel, but on what the Bible says:

• You belong to God (John 10:27-30).
• He chose you (2 Thessalonians 2:13).
• He loves you (John 3:16).
• He will never leave you (Matthew 28:20).
• He will accomplish His purposes in and through you as you remain in Him (Philippians 1:6).

Never allow Satan to steal your joy. Instead, recognize his attacks for what they are, the feeble attempts of a defeated enemy to discourage one to whom victory has been promised (John 10:10). Take it as a compliment that Satan considers you a threat!

Stay the course. Focus on Truth. Prepare for the future.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for spiritual attack is to keep a journal of God’s activity in your life and your thoughts, feelings, questions, emotions, etc. as you walk with Christ. Reading back over it will encourage you when you’re feeling defeated, redirect you when you have lost your way, and help you interpret God’s activity in your life over time as you revisit lessons learned, Scripture that has helped you, and experiences you’ve had.

If you haven’t put much time, energy or thought into your responses up to this point, begin now. If you ever doubt your calling, you will be thankful you did.

Respond to the following in your journal:

Briefly describe your life before Christ. How did you come to understand you needed Jesus?

Describe the events surrounding the moment you gave your life to Jesus. What change occurred in your heart/life as a result?

What do you understand now that you didn’t know then?

What did you learn through Bible study today?

How were you encouraged? How were you challenged?