The Discovery: Exploring God’s Call On Your Life

“The Minister: Where do I start?”

So, now what? Where do you start? Right where you are!

When we began our study a few weeks ago, we took a look at the calling stories of a few of the disciples. There are many such stories in the Bible, and it seems that they all involve a person leaving what they know and following Jesus. In a sense, this is something we all must do, to lay aside our old ways and begin to seek Jesus above all, answering His call.

However, this does not always mean our physically leaving our surroundings, activities, and relationships to find our niche in ministry. As a matter of fact, those believers whom Jesus asked to do so were in the minority. Those that answered Jesus’ call by the thousands, at the end of the day, went back home, but with a greater sense of purpose.

When we fully understand Jesus’ grace and mercy, we may be overcome with love for Him. That love may inspire zeal that can easily be misdirected, causing us to make impulsive radical changes or rash decisions that God doesn’t require to prove our loyalty to Christ. Instead of giving in to impulse or relying on human wisdom, take the time to seek God’s will properly, through Bible study, prayer, and counsel. Whether or not God does ask you to make radical changes in the future, He expects you to minister right where you are now.

For most of us, our assignment, at least for now, involves the location, occupation, social circle, etc. that we were in when we began to sense God’s call. Over time, God may redirect, changing your assignment as you mature and your circumstances evolve. Maybe the specific future assignment that God has laid upon your heart doesn’t exist yet or is something that requires preparation, education, or experience that can only be obtained with the passing of time, in which case, God will use your current assignment to prepare you for your future assignment.

Whatever the case, do not overlook the possibility that the only drastic changes God may require of you for the moment are a change of heart and an attitude of surrender.

Respond to the following in your journal:

What changes have you made in response to God’s call? Were those changes your idea or God’s?

What is God’s assignment for you right now? How might God be using your current circumstances to prepare you for the future?

What did you learn through Bible study today?

How were you encouraged? How were you challenged?