Is Your Gospel Big Enough?



How would you summarize the gospel?

Most Christians recognize these foundational truths:

  1. I am sinful and broken.
  2. I cannot fix my sin on my own, so I need a savior, Jesus Christ.

This is Christianity’s most common message. The reality of our sin is impossible to ignore. We face its effects daily, moment by moment. As much as we might struggle to admit it, it is readily clear that the world needs saving. It is not the way it should be.

While we are most certainly sinful and have a savior in Jesus Christ, this is not the whole story. This is part of the gospel but not its most complete version.

As Christians, we struggle to find purpose in our work. We face conflict in relationships. We have trouble applying our faith to every area of life. We get stuck in the rut of mundane life, unable to see how the stories in the Bible connect to our day-to-day lives.

The ancient stories of the Bible, from the first chapter of Genesis to the last verse in Revelation, give us the context and purpose in our work to answer deeply felt questions like,“Why am I sinful? What is the point of my salvation? What is God’s purpose for my life?” Do these questions resonate with you? Have you been searching for answers?

The four-chapter gospel is the most accurate and comprehensive framework through which we live our lives. As a Christian worldview, the gospel applies to all of life for all people everywhere. It offers us clarity in what God is calling us to do on this earth and gives us a vision for where we are going next.

God created you out of love, with a specific purpose, for an eternity spent in relationship with him. His love for you is greater than the wretchedness of your sin. This truth is profound.

Are you familiar with the four chapters of the gospel?

Additional Elements

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