Jesus-Centered Family Devotions

Jesus-Centered Family Devotions

DAY 3 OF 7

Read aloud: “The greatest among you must be a servant.” (Matthew 23:11) Say: When Jesus was on Earth he was still God, the Creator of everything. But rather than make everyone serve him, he served others. And he said if we want to be great, we’ve got to serve others, too. Let’s talk about ways that everyone in our family is great—by talking about how we serve one another in our family. Ask family members to take turns telling one another how they see each person serve others in your family. Then say: Now let’s ask Jesus to help us grow in how we serve each other in our family. Or maybe Jesus has a way for us to serve someone outside our family. Let’s sit quietly, with our eyes closed, for one minute as we listen for Jesus to talk with us about how we might serve one another…or how we might serve together as a family. After one minute of silence, ask if anyone thinks they heard anything from Jesus. If so, talk about it. If not, encourage family members to keep listening as they go about doing life. Jesus may nudge them through a need they see, a conversation, or a Bible verse they read.


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Jesus-Centered Family Devotions

No-Prep, Zero-Guilt, Perfect-Fit Family Devotions for You and Your Crew. Family devotions have gotten a bad rap…and often for good reason. They can be rigid, yawn-worthy interruptions in life rather than fun, affirming o...

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