The Power of the Spoken Blessing

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The spoken blessing involves the power of impartation, which is one of God's ancient principles, as evidenced throughout the Bible. As we study the Bible, we read about the twin-brothers, Jacob and Esau, who both yearned for their Father's blessing (Genesis 27:34-40). This blessing, however, was only reserved for one of them – the eldest son. Although Jacob was the younger brother, he was relentless in his pursuit to obtain the blessing. On the other hand, Esau appears to have treated the blessing with contempt, for in a moment of physical hunger, he was ready to exchange the honor, which accompanied his firstborn birth-right for a bowl of soup.

The spoken blessing from father to children almost seems like a foreign concept in our generation, but we see the importance of the spoken blessing throughout the Bible. It set a person up for success since the spoken blessing brought a child's preferred future into existence. 

Jacob was well aware of this, and he had an inward desire for greatness. Esau, the rightful recipient of the firstborn blessing, showed no regard for it and traded it for something to eat. 

Each person has an inward desire for the blessing. Have you been blessed and released into your destiny by your dad or an authority figure? This scenario might bring tears to your eyes if you feel like you are a mere wanderer, not knowing your direction due to a lack of blessing. But hold on, God has a blessing in store for you. 

Draw closer in Prayer

Dear Lord, I realize that I have inwardly desired to be blessed all my life. I have even blamed circumstances around me for the areas in life where I feel I have failed. Please impart to me how You see me and what my purpose is. I want to deal with the emotional trauma and feelings of inadequacy once and for all time. I believe that you are leading me toward the rivers of living water that restores my soul. I thank you that I have been made the righteousness of God, through the sacrifice of Jesus. Amen.