Bible Explorer for the Young (Isaiah - Part 2)


I Love Your Words, God!

Psalm 119:140

I love Your word. Time and again it has been proven true.

Have you seen your little brother or sister keep jumping up and down on the sofa and at the same time, your parents kept reminding them to stop jumping because they could fall down and bump their heads? However, they ignored your parents’ warning and advice. Eventually, they really fell down and got injured.

These verses were like the above scenario. Isaiah had been reminding the priests and prophets. However, they complained that Isaiah’s messages were useless and they ridiculed him as if he were a baby who could only babble with repeated phrases (Verse 10). In the end, God punished them for their scornful behavior and sins. God imitated their mockery in His reply to them (Verse 13). 

God’s word and message might not always be pleasing to your ears BUT the value of God’s word is priceless, and it is given for your own good. His word is pure and truthful. May this become a warning to us not to make fun of or mock God’s word and message. 


Dear God, oh how I love Your word. It gives me strength and hope. Thank You, God. Amen.