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How To Neighbor

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How to Neighbor

Sit down. Strap in. Hold on to your behind. Put on a helmet. Do all the proverbial things to brace yourself, because this Bible Plan is not another morning devotional to sip on with breakfast. You’re literally about to alter the future of your city. Your life and the eternal lives of people in your social and geographical neighborhood could be different forever.

How can we make this claim? Not because we made a great Bible Plan. Not because we figured out some secret. Nope, we’re talking big because Jesus said the most important thing we can do is love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind. Then, He said the second most important thing we could ever do is like the first: love our neighbors as ourselves because the Gospel is good news proven by good actions. Because being a Christian is loving the person in front of you the way Jesus first loved the soul inside of you. Finally, because this Bible Plan will dig up, demonstrate, and then dish out these commands all over our lives.

Maybe you’re wondering if this kind of command-following, future-changing neighboring is for a certain type of uber-selfless, super-spiritual, or otherwise privileged people? There’s a person in the Bible to consider. In the Old Testament, she saved God’s people from extinction. But first, she was disqualified by her sex, barred by her age, rejected for her race, orphaned by her parents, limited by the law, and afraid to try. As a teen, Esther pushed back darkness and risked everything for her neighbors because Mordecai, her adoptive father, reminded her why she was alive “for such a time as this.” Think about this. Esther, and every other person who’s ever done anything valuable for God, basically just took incremental steps of obedience.

In today’s video, Craig Groeschel, pastor of Life.Church, introduces a story about a good neighbor. You may have heard it, but do you know why Jesus told it? Press play to find out.

Today’s step: Watch the video, read the Scriptures, and ask God to open your heart to what you’re alive for.

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How To Neighbor

What if we don’t have to travel far to get close to people who are distant from God? What if Christians were the best neighbors? Would your street change? Would heaven be fuller? A long time ago, a religious leader asked...


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