Christ Is Risen!

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Post Resurrection Plan

By: Boyd Bailey

So, I sit here on a spiritual high after Sunday’s celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Easter has energized me to focus on the eternal, so what am I to do on Monday? If I do nothing, I could be accused of acting like an atheist. If I do something, I may be labeled a religious fanatic. The devil loves my internal debate that leads to lost opportunities for God. Thus, by faith and empowered by the Holy Spirit, I will pray for people who need the peace of Christ. I will love them with acts of kindness that draw them to Jesus. I will make Monday about others—not me.

The disciples saw their wounded Lord walking, talking and instructing them in their next steps to advance God’s kingdom. Jesus knew they were still shaken from the frenzied crowds, the cruel cross, and His breathtaking presence. So He settled their souls with the breath of His penetrating peace. Christ’s peace gives His followers the presence of mind to recognize His presence. Moreover, Jesus equipped His disciples with the Spirit’s power and commissioned them to go forth and share the gospel. The resurrection is faith’s rocket fuel for Christ followers! (Acts 4:33-34)

Coming out of Easter’s worship service, how can you harness the Holy Spirit’s power for the sake of others? What is your game plan to advance God’s kingdom? Perhaps you convene a mixture (believers and unbelievers) of moms or dads. Maybe you gather a group to talk about wisdom for leaders and finances. Scriptural studies are a safe and effective way to share Christ’s love.  

Most of all, we stay engaged to receive the peace of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit so we can effectively engage our culture. The gospel shared in the Spirit’s power is unstoppable. Jesus is the solution to world peace and global poverty. His peace and grace answer terrorism’s violent acts and militant proselytizing. Christ’s post resurrection plan transforms lives by suffering love! (Acts 5:30-32)