Revelation: A 28-Day Reading Plan


You Can Be Fearless

Remember when you thought your parents were the strongest, most powerful people in the world? As kids, we felt invincible in their care. If anything went wrong, they would pick us up and pull us from harm’s way. We felt safe and protected.

Revelation 1:13-18 describes the vision John received from Jesus. This was not the meek and mild Sunday School Jesus most of us imagine. This Jesus was remarkable and awesome. His eyes were like blazing fire. His voice was like the sound of rushing waters, and His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance. Seeing Jesus in all His glory was so powerful John fell at His feet in awe.

Seeing Jesus as He is changes our perspective. When we understand how powerful Jesus is and that He is on our side, we live with the same fearlessness and confidence we had as kids. We don’t have to fear death or what happens when we die, because Jesus overcame death and gave us the gift of eternal life.

When we admit Jesus is Lord and believe that He really did rise from the grave, we get to live with Jesus’ power on our side!


How is John’s description of Jesus similar or different from the way you’ve pictured Jesus in your mind? 

What’s one thing you will do differently today knowing that the Jesus of Revelation is on your side?

Have you ever asked Jesus into your heart? Maybe now is the time for you to make Jesus your Lord.