Christian Foundations 3 - Growth

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I have a doctorate in mentoring. That doesn’t mean I’m any good at mentoring, it just means that I know a lot about it. But someone who was really good at mentoring was the Apostle Paul. We know that because he wrote two really helpful letters to a guy he was mentoring – Timothy. By the time he wrote his second letter to Timothy, Paul was on his last legs (in a Roman dungeon facing martyrdom). So in this letter, he is passing on both advice and responsibility to Timothy, his apprentice. This letter contains the last words we have from Paul. He is not pretending that his life has been easy, but he is saying that he has remained rock solid in his commitment to God and is encouraging Timothy to do the same.

Read: 2 Timothy 3:10-17


1. What is God saying to me? Which verse is most significant?

2. What do I want to discuss/explore further?

3. What do I need to do?

4. Why was Scripture so important for Timothy?


You may have had a long history learning about the Bible (like Timothy), or this may all be brand new to you. Whichever way, the Bible needs to become your guide for Christian growth. Reading the Bible will help you to understand God and to learn how God relates to his people and his broken creation. Scripture will be vital for your continuing spiritual growth, and its promises and advice will help you persevere when it gets tough.

It’s incredible really. Not only has God revealed himself in human form (through Jesus), but he has breathed out a very special book that tells us all about God in a language we can read and understand. The Bible is not just another book about God. It is actually God’s book. He has especially inspired authors to write down his ideas. As Paul said, “It’s all been God-breathed.” Yes, people wrote it, but God’s power breathed it and lives in it. The Bible is one of God’s gifts to us.

So if you want to get to know God personally, then reading Scripture is the place to start. Many Christians read a passage from the Bible every day. Some try to read right through the Bible in a year. Sometimes it’s good to study a few verses very carefully. At other times, it’s helpful to read big chunks to get a feel for the sweep of God’s revelation. Ask your friends what they do. It’s a big book (actually 66 smaller books that all fit together) so get stuck into it. You’ll find it will teach you, challenge you, correct you and train you so that you’re ready to do all that God wants (3:16-17).


Lord, you graciously have made things clearer for us by giving us Scripture. I don’t have to guess what you are like or believe what someone tells me about you. I can read all about it for myself. Your truth is in my hands and on my phone. Teach me and grow me as I read the Bible every day. May I never get tired of reading about you and listening to you. Please keep teaching and growing me.


You’ve already read the Bible today. Thank the Lord for what you have learned.