Christ's Resurrection: A Truth Worth Accepting!

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Are You Open To the Truth?

Jesus on the cross. Quite the extraordinarily selfless gesture for Him to make, right?

The Romans weren’t messing around. They didn’t put people on the cross to inflict a little torture. They put them there to hang, in excruciating pain, for hours, if not days, to publicly ridicule and kill them. The Romans perfected this inhumane practice to punish the most serious of criminals. 

But Jesus wasn’t a criminal. 

So why did they treat Him as one? And if Jesus really was God, why did He allow it? 

These were the questions in my mind when I set out, many years ago, to disprove the resurrection. Because if it wasn’t real, then the Bible wasn’t real — and neither was God. 

On the one hand, Christians believe Jesus to be the fulfillment of ancient biblical prophecy, God in human form, the promised Savior of the world. Skeptics, just as strongly, assert that if Jesus were a real person, He was likely just one teacher, among many, who claimed to offer truth. 

But God in the flesh? And then resurrected? Ridiculous. 

Once a skeptic myself, I can understand their stance. So when I was challenged, in college, to prove Christianity false, I really tried my best. I wanted nothing more! I literally said, “Christianity, ha! That’s for unthinking weaklings, not intellectuals!”

But after months of meticulous research, I had to admit that I couldn’t deny Christ once I was willing to look beyond my personal biases and preferred assumptions. 

Was I happy about this? Yes, and no. Nobody likes to have egg on their face. But, man, am I ever grateful that God opened my eyes so that I didn’t miss out on my relationship with Him! Or the opportunity to serve Him through my ministry.

The truth, if we’re willing to accept it: Christ died. Christ rose. Christ lives. Let’s look at facts that support His resurrection. 


Today, what does Jesus’s sacrifice mean to you? Does His resurrection matter?