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C. S. Lewis on Death & ResurrectionSample

C. S. Lewis on Death & Resurrection

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Application Thoughts

To Paul, the fact that death was a conquered and redeemed foe was not just a reason for joy, but an inspiration to both 'stand firm' in the face of adversity and to keep running and 'giving ourselves fully' to the work of the Lord.

What effect has this understanding of death had on you?

Have you made this hope of life after death, yours, by putting your faith in Jesus?

Has it rid you of the fear of death and strengthened you to face adversity, knowing that whatever happens to you, your soul is secure?

Has it inspired you to give yourself fully to God and His purposes in this life, since your true home awaits you on the other side of death?

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C. S. Lewis on Death & Resurrection

We are again at the time of year when we remember Jesus' great sacrifice for our redemption. As Easter approaches, let us spend time everyday to meditate on Him, His work on the Cross and most importantly, the impact it ...


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