Real Hope: Prayer

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The Whole Picture

Why does God invite us to pray? The simple answer is to be in communication with Him. But if you dig deeper, you see just how fruitful that connection to God can be.

We live in a world rife with anxiety. The uncertainties of the last year have caused a lot of people to feel panic, stressed out and unsure of what the future holds. Our thoughts can wander to what we don’t know, what scares us, and the frailty of our friends and family. 

In Philippians, though, we’re encouraged to let go of that anxiety and to pray instead.

Is that because verbalizing your heart’s concerns is helpful? Sure. To a degree. However, it’s when you take those concerns to God that true peace really comes. We transfer anxiety for trust and set our mind on Him and not our circumstances. 

When we consider the problems of our world and how to solve them, we can easily get overwhelmed and feel the pressure to find a solution. What we really need is to pray for God’s perspective.

Jodi King from the band Love and the Outcome once said, ‘God sees the whole picture and He’s not overwhelmed, so my prayer is, “God help me to see as you see”.’ May that be your prayer today too. 

written by LAURA BENNETT