New to Faith


A new identity 

Welcome to the Bible Plan! We are so excited that you'd choose to spend the next 28 days with us. 

Over the next 6 days, we’re going to be unpacking salvation, in other words; we’ll be looking at what it means to be saved by Jesus. But for today, we just want to celebrate your decision and the beginning of your journey with Jesus.

When someone gives their life to Jesus, the Bible describes it as going from death to life [Eph 2:5]. Everything changes. Including your identity. Your identity is now defined by God and not by how others view you. The reason God can give you a new identity is because He created you [Gen 1:27]. Just like Apple can only truly define what the iPhone can and can’t do. God ultimately has the final say on who you are and what you're capable of doing.


  • Take some time to reflect on the following verses and how God defines you. Maybe even put these scriptures in a place where you’ll see them regularly (in a notepad, your background on your phone, a poster in your room, etc.) 

  • The Bible says that faith comes from hearing [Rom 10:17] and faith without works is dead [James 2:17]. Which means you can hear this, but unless you believe it nothing will change. We'd suggest that whenever someone says anything that counters what God says about you, reread these verses and remind yourself of your true identity. 


Jesus, thank You that You came to earth, died for me and rose again! I pray over the next 27 days, that I will gain a deeper understanding of Your love and how You view me. Help me to see my identity through Your eyes. In Jesus' name, Amen.