Regroup - for People Who Help Others

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Remember Who You Do This For

Perhaps no time in history has there ever been a more incredible “mic-drop” moment than when Jesus reads a prophecy and says “Today, this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” Can you picture this? Jesus reads a passage of scripture written hundreds of years earlier, and declares that the prophecy is being fulfilled, here, now, in the presence of his listeners. He declares his eternal mission is to see people set-free and healed! 

As he does this Jesus reveals the tenderness of his empathy. He highlights four types of people -  the poor, the prisoner, the blind, and people who are oppressed as the ones he has come to lift up. Jesus loves to help hurting people. He wants them to experience freedom and God’s favor. That is the kind of Savior he is!

Jesus describes the 3 part process that he will use to help people experience that freedom and favor. He will proclaim good news, he will set people free from oppression, and he will heal their bodies. He cares about the entire person - mind, body, and spirit. 

The important thing to remember is that this message is not just for the people we serve. Jesus wants these things for you too. He wants you to know the good news, he wants you to be free from the places where you feel trapped, and he wants to bring you healing (but that’s tomorrow’s topic).

Today, we stand in awe of a God who became man. He understands us, he loves us, and he wants to see us experience healing and hope holistically.

Today’s Challenge: 

Take a moment to remember your “why?” Why did you choose to become a helper to others? Reflecting on your “why” anchors you back to the mission and helps you serve with purpose. Journal about the things you like and appreciate about Jesus and his ministry in your own life. Which part of his mission gets you excited to be a part of it too?