Grave - 5-Day Devotional

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading



“If there hadn’t been a Father who made a way when there was none… I’d still be an orphan if it wasn’t for His Son.”

Recently a friend of mine was able to attend an adoption hearing for a young boy who had been in the foster care system most of his life. The proceedings really moved my friend and he broke down in tears when he was recounting how the judge’s words reminded him of his own “adoption” into the family of God. Among a slew of other questions, the judge asked the adopting parents, “Do you understand that this child owns no property, holds no inheritance, and provides no financial benefit to you?” and “Do you understand that once adopted, this child will have all the same inheritance rights as any child born to you?” What a picture of our salvation. God has chosen to adopt us into His family knowing we bring nothing with us. Then He calls us His children, heirs with Christ, and He lavishes His riches on us. By faith in Jesus, all of us who were formerly separated and unrelated to God are now brought near, and our inheritance is eternal life with our Father.