Bold Faith - Part 2 - SE Students

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It is simple to say you have bold faith, but what does it look like to live that out? It means taking action, following through on what God has commanded. The next few days we will look at some people from Scripture who not only had bold faith, but followed through and took action.

In Joshua, before the walls of Jericho came down, even before the Israelite people entered the Promised Land, Joshua sent in spies to get the lay of the land and they found themselves at the house of a woman named Rahab. Rahab, by all accounts, was just an ordinary woman who lived and worked in Jericho.  She had no reason to help the spies other than she knew in her heart that the God they worshiped was powerful and His will would be done. She lied to the authorities, hid the spies, and spared her family's lives when the walls fell because she had enough faith to step out and take action. 

Have you ever found yourself doing something out of your comfort zone and you are not really sure why? I bet Rahab was feeling the same way. It would have been much easier to hide or to turn the spies in, but then she would have missed out on an opportunity for God to use her. What are you missing out on because you are choosing to hang back rather than step out?