Walking With God

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One of the characteristics that all human beings have is that we enjoy being in the presence of the person we love. We love spending time with our loved ones because we just weren't designed to be alone. Ever since I married my wife, my favorite moments have always been when we go for a walk together in the park, to the shopping center, or downtown. We usually aren’t doing anything important in the eyes of the world, but the simple act of walking with her and talking about what is in our hearts as we look at each other and laugh cannot be compared to anything else. Even when we’re just playing around, those times are so powerful and significant. 

The same happens with God. One of the most important experiences that any of us can ever have is the experience of accepting Jesus and entering into a relationship with Him for the first time. However, that’s just the start of an amazing, life-giving relationship. As we grow in our faith and experience a continuous walk with God day after day, we are truly transformed, renewed, and we get to know our Father personally. The joy we experience in our growing relationship with Him exceeds all expectations. We see in the very first book in the Bible that God enjoyed walking in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. What God is looking for in this generation is not just people who believe in Him, but people who walk with Him.