Lessons ~ The Transfiguration

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Testify of Jesus  

The Lord chose three disciples to testify of Him because the things of God must be testified and made known (II Corinthians 13:1). Peter, James and John were the privileged three, whom the Lord chose to be close to Him, understand His purposes and testify of Him. Yet, on two occasions when Jesus took them with Him to pray, they slept (Mark 14:32-41/ Luke 9:28-32)

It appears that these three disciples were unable to fully appreciate and internalise God’s ways initially. However, later they became wonderful testimonies of God. As they learnt to pray with Jesus, they understood and participated in the things of God and be one with Him in His concerns. They were then able to testify of Him. 

How is it with us? Do we spend time with God in prayer, participating in His concerns? 

It is only when we are transformed through prayer that we can truly testify of Jesus to people and help them experience His salvation (Hebrews 5:7-9)

Time with God will transform us. Stephen was transformed (Acts 6:15). Moses was transformed (Exodus 34:29-30). As we spend time with God, sharing His concerns, we will be transformed. It will be seen. We will not be able to hide the glow. God will be testified through us. 

Thought to ponder

Are you longing for a deep intimacy with God or is your prayer time more of an apology?