The Aetherlight Episode 1 Family Plan


Promises Promises

These first 5 studies refer to the quests ‘All Fired Up,’ 'Just Like a Real Boy' and 'The Printer Problem' in The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance.’

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It’s easy in hindsight to accept God’s promise in today's reading. We have the benefit of history to show us how He worked it out. How crazy would it have sounded to Abraham though? He was used to the gods of his homeland making extravagant claims. What made God any different?

Something to think about while you are reading today’s passage:

When God enters into this covenant, He stands behind His word and reinforces it with His very nature. What is Abram’s response? As you follow Abram’s journey, does he show absolute trust, or develop it?

Something to talk about with players of The Aetherlight:

In the game, Alexander must learn to trust the Scarlet Man and not take matters into his own hands. It’s a learning process for Alexander. This might be a good way to open a conversation with players about how we develop trust, and what faith looks like.